Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap Working


Let's talk about mice, shall we? Mice are some interesting critters, that is until they start invading you home. Yes, I will have to admit that I have had a few minor mouse problems in my home. However, some of my friends have had much more difficult problems in the past. I am just glad that mine didn't end up like some of theirs.

Anyway, when someone has a mouse problem, there are a few options to choose from. One of them is calling for an exterminator, and the other is devising your own mouse deterrent strategy. This post will contain information pertaining to a great new product called the victor multi-kill electronic mouse trap.

All of you people out there that have a mouse problem or have had one in the past should really appreciate this new piece of equipment. To give you guys a short briefing, electronic mouse deterrent contraptions usually use electricity to kill the mice. I know that it is not the most humane method of mouse deterrent out there, but it has been known to work. In my opinion, it's a lot more humane than using poison. I call this product "the machine" because it is a complex mouse eliminating machine.

There are two different entrances I believe that both have staircases leading to a specific chamber. This is the chamber that shocks them by the way. Once the mice have been though all that and are dead, the mechanism sends them to a bottom container. This little container can hold up to ten mice per load. I guess that's why they named it the "multi-kill." I like this product because it does a majority of the work all by itself and the setup part of it is a breeze.

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